Scapes should be cut just before using, thus preserving the flavor and preventing the drying of the pieces.
The Long cuts are good for soups, pizza (Uhmmmmm, best pizza around SCAPE PIZZA)
The small diced pieces are great for mixing in the morning scrambled eggs, or our favorite .......
sprinkle on top of your hamburg before you grill it. BUT  press the diced pieces into the top of the burger,
then fold the burger in half and reshape it, such that the scapes are now in the center of the burger .. This is
one of the greatest burgers your ever taste. Make sure you cook the burger a little longer, the scapes add
moisture besides great flavor.
Send us an email with "Scape Recipes" in the subject field and we'll send some some more great
garlic & scape ideas.

Scape cutting Storage: Keep scapes in a
sealed plastic bag in your
refrigerator. It's also good
to keep the scapes from
being exposed to light.
Several months of storage life
is possible. Don't expose the
scapes to unnecessary dirt
heat and light. Only remove
from the storage bag what
you'll use. Re-placing scapes
that have been warmed to
room temperature and dirt
may shorten the storage life
of the other scapes.

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